A gorgeous boutique skater dress w/ dinosaur/owl print is perfect for adding to your wardrobe this fall

A gorgeous boutique skater dress w/ dinosaur/owl print is perfect for adding to your wardrobe this fall

Are you looking for a unique dress to add to your wardrobe this fall? Look no further. This skater dress for fall from LaVieLente Fashion is perfect if you are a student or a school teacher, or anyone looking to add a little zing to your daily life. Some of the features below are so unique that they will make you wonder how such a gorgeous boutique dress is available at such a delightfully low price. 

Weather changes can be harsh, and so, you need a fall dress that could double up as a skater dress in winter as well. This woven dress for fall has a thick fabric, which feels more like a soft jersey. The slightly stretchy material ensures you experience maximum comfort, whether wearing it by itself or pairing up with other layers. When the weather around your rolls into a sleepy winter, your dress has you covered. Its sweater-like material keeps out the chilly wind, so you are warm and cozy. The quality of the fabric makes certain you can wear it all day long, whether you are in school, or on a day out with friends, or attending a dinner party. You can pair it with your favorite booties for a crisp, chilly fall afternoon, or with your high snow boots on a freezing winter evening. 


Fun Graphic

If you are young and vibrant, why should your dress be old and boring? Choose from the two unique graphic prints, which are the dinosaurs and the owls. The customized dinosaur prints are a must-have for all dinosaur lovers out there.  These lovely animals are designed with effort, digitally printed, and portray dinosaurs of different colors and sizes. They are intriguing, cute, and can be flattering when worn to any dinosaur-themed party. If you teach at a school, the kids in your class are bound to love the fun little printed animals from the bygone era. The owls are printed in a symmetric pattern that helps you stand out in a crowd. If you are especially a night owl yourself, wearing this dress with the owl print could bring out your real personality. 


Cutting and Fits

The skater dress falls above the knee and has a slight flare towards the end that lets you pair it up nicely with strapped slippers, or boots and stockings. Being high waist, it offers a comfortable fit around your bust and shoulders, without being uneasily tight. The neckline is round, making it a versatile choice for accessorizing with bib necklaces, collar necklaces, or even chokers. Of all the features, the slender three-quarter sleeves are what make the dress a combination of classy and casual. The sleeves end right below your elbow, and even if you choose not to accessorize your wrists, the gorgeous dinosaur or owl patterns down the sleeves ensure you turn a few heads as you walk down the street. 


Mix and Match

The true utility of this dress lies in the fact that you could pair it up with almost anything. Going out to run a couple of errands? Wear a pair of jeans to go with this uniquely patterned dress. The quality of the dress is good enough to match with whatever other brands of clothes you might choose to pair it with. Dinner party on your mind? Go with high heels with straps and flaunt your skater dress as your party wear. You are bound to be the cynosure of the gathering. For your daily trips to school or other leisure activities, a pair of leggings or tights go perfectly with your dinosaur or owl dress. Come winter, and you could happily add colorful layers of cardigans and blazers that would bring out the charisma of the bright animal patterns even more. 

Look Fresh Every Time

Life is meant to be happy and beautiful. Thanks to this gorgeous fall dress, you could walk out of your home confidently, go anywhere and expect to receive a basket of compliments. Bring out the beautiful you for the entire world to appreciate each time you pull out this skater dress from your closet.

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